Studied Photography in Marmara University located in Istanbul, specialising in Documentary Photography. He worked as a Workshop Training Specialist for four years in Fujifilm Turkey. Throughout his career in Fujifilm, he was a lecturer on Street and Documentary Photography. In addition, he executed projects about the city of Istanbul. Participating the project named “Breaching The Surface: Subculture of Mannheim” in Mannheim University in Germany, he also took part in their group exhibition both in Turkey and Germany. In 2017, his work was considered worthy of being exhibited in Marmara University 7th International Student Triennial. Four photographs of his were considered worthy of being exhibited in Leica Gallery Istanbul in 01/2017 as part of “Sanata Bi Yer” project held by Dogus Group. He started travelling for his new project named “Cross the Silk Road” on 21/09/2017 and completed it on 21/07/2018, then started working on publishing the project into a book. To accomplish this project, he started travelling in Turkey, then crossed over into Georgia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, China, Viet Nam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Nepal, India and Pakistan. He also made some small-scale projects in the countries he visited, such as “Shia Muslims”, “Afghan Basti Refugee Camp”, “A Gay Bar in Thailand” and “A Buddhist Monastic School and Orphanage”.


– People of Mannheim (Mannheim/ Germany 2017)

– Silversmiths (Istanbul/ Turkey 2016)

– Cross the Silk Road (Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia (Siberia), China, Viet Nam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal, India (Northern), Pakistan 2017-2018)

– A Gay Bar in Thailand (Bangkok/ Thailand 2018/2019)

– The Other Side of the Coin (Afghan Basti/ Islamabad/ Pakistan, 2018)

– Shia Muslims (Iran/ Iraq 2017-2018)

– A Buddhist Monastic School and Orphanage (Bagan/ Myanmar 2018)

– The World (All the countries in the world 2017/…)


– Cross the Silk Road (Estimated exhibition period: End of 2020)

– Sanata Bi Yer Group Exhibition held by Dogus Group (January, 2017)

– Marmara University 7th International Student Triennial (June, 2017)

– People of Mannheim (March, 2017)


– Cross the Silk Road,

The list of the cities in Turkey that the seminar was held:

– Istanbul

– Ankara

– Izmir

– Antalya

– Bursa

– Adana

– Eskişehir

– Isparta

– Kutahya

– Bodrum

– Marmaris

– Fethiye

– Denizli

– Lectures on Documentary Photography and Visa Policy by Country in University of Central Punjab in Pakistan.